It’s a perfect present to all whom eat and like to create.

Food like love is perfect in its nature. Marije Vogelzang is going deeply into the essence of verb “to eat”. Etiquette and history, culture of daily life and the geography of food products are sources of Marijes' inspiration. Object of Marija’s attention is all that surrounds the eating act. Atmosphere, people, histories, tastes, colors, sounds and smells. In process of thinking about it all, working and making experiments in her studio and restaurant, creating spectacular events she developed her own unique look on food. This book for the first time gives Marijes' vision and exciting food experiments available for the wide audience of people whom are interesting in food, culture and trends. 

Marijes’ quotes:

"There is no material, closer to man than food"

"I captures the idea that my design gets into your body, nourishing both body and brain, leaving imprints of vivid memories and emotions"

"In my work I am guided by the eight precepts: feelings, nature, culture, society, technology, psychology, science, action"