CREAPRO presents the world leaders – newsmakers, which are opening the new values and inspirationsources for development.
Workshops, master classes, presentations with the superior experts in the different areas related with design.Our task is the organization of events, where you can get inspiration and exchange of professional experiences and to hear the news firsthand. Workshops will be held in the following areas:

  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Recycling

We are the first whom can offer to the market examination of the future based on the trend-consulting,  trend books and researching by Studio Edelkoort. Trend guru Li Edelkor argues that trends should not be applied only today, we have to investing in them: "Do not be afraid of trends they are for a long time!"

Another one current for the market trend is a project Food-design! The main aim of the project is to acquaint professionals from the different areas with a new approach to the food, and take an advantage of consulting from the most influential food designers. It can be a concept of a restaurant menu, serving, utensils, packaging and design of food itself.

Our mission is the supply of new ideas in Ukraine through workshops, master classes with international newsmakers, trendsetters, and just interesting people.