After been traveling, studying and working in different countries we have founded Caravan Cultura Art Agency. 
The image of the Silk Road and caravans with its fascinating history gave me an idea and inspiration to create my Art Agency -“Caravan Cultura”. The perpetual motion of culture in Space and Time continuity become a leitmotif for the Art Agency.

That is why, "Caravan Cultura" Art Agency aims, in order to reveal the region's creative potential, to assist to find a wider audience and establish contacts in Europe, by means of arranging cultural manifestations, exchanges of cultural mediators and managers, participating in innovative cultural projects. But the main aim of projects is to transfer knowledge and experience between cultural domains, where activities will have a lasting effect and involvement of their civil society members, government and NGOs.

Such activities will enable people in Europe to meet with typical cultural mediators from Eurasia during different cultural activities, in social settings, which will provide the opportunity for spontaneous interaction, where both sides will be engaged in true cross-cultural dialogue. This allows cultural mediators from Eurasia become familiar with attitudes, customs and ideas of people in Europe, on the other hand participants from Europe will receive first hand accounts of current situation in cultural fields and intellectual status of Eurasia, may be practice foreign language, mix and mingle among each other. And the unique opportunity will be given for both sides to establish professional relationships and develop lifelong friendships.

The Art Agency bridges these "cultural" domains and brings an understanding of them to mainstream audiences in an innovative, exciting and contemporary way.

What Caravan Cultura does:

  • facilitates communication between the people of Europe and Eurasia (by offering opportunities for participation in different cultural activities locally and internationally);
  • finds cultural solutions to political/social issues and connects non-traditional partners;
  • acts as a "cultural mediator" for trans-border issues of cultural integration between Europe and Eurasia; and organizes "customer-tailored" cultural programs;
  • provides professional expertise in the intercultural issues faced by Eurasia (through competence analysis, coaching and counseling);
  • offers cultural exchange opportunities through "citizen diplomacy" (promoting direct cross-cultural dialogue between people of Europe and Eurasia);