We are the first, whom introduce in Ukraine the world leading food designers from the different countries within the project Food Design! 



There are so many people whom are passionate about cooking. They like to cook, collect the rare recipes and asking about something cooks in the restaurants.

Many of them are convinced that the food designer just makes an unusual appearance or creates strange package. But this process is much more deeper, than simple change in shape!

Thanks to food design we can think about what do we eat and how we can do it, re-look at the familiar products and talk to people through the scenery for the parties.Topics of conversation: the rituals, cooking, food history and so on.



  • Food design – is a new area of design, designed to overturn the existing view of food and design and to destroy stereotypes, to show what you have not noticed, have a nev view on food, cooking process, feeding, packing.
  • Food design can give to design, creative and marketing areas new materials and ideas for creation, and also, it’s a unique business instrument.
  • Food Design is not only a cultural and entertainment but also educational in nature, what promotes the growth of consumer culture, the dissemination of international standards, integration of business and creativity.

The international character of Food Design project will let you to join up the world trends, to stimulate the worlds international creative  interchange,  get acquainted with international traditions and cooking culture of different countries, make a platform for conversations for all whom are inspired by design and cooking.

The project Food Design is scheduled series of events with an invitation to the world's leading experts in this area.

The main heroes of this event – food designers from the different countries of the world: Spaniard Martí Guixe, Frenchman Marc Bretiyo, Japanese Kuniko Maeda and Netherlanders Katya Gruters and Marie Vogelzang.


  • specialists in design, creativity and marketing
  • Food-industry
  • top management of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs
  • Catering, advertising and event agencies
  • anyone who eats and works in his kitchen

Marije Vogelzang (Netherlands)

Designer exploring everything about food, raising this concept into the rank of philosophical.
She calls herself eating designer from English verb “to eat”. Marie received her diploma at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000 and she was a student of Li Edelkoort. Today, she leads the company and two restaurants in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which offers environmentally friendly food. Travelling around the world and presenting her  projects and don’t get tired to think about the human receiving the food.



Marti Guixe ( Spain) 

For him food design is like an object of exploring, he is looking for for ergonomic, functional, communicative, interactive, radically modern, but  timeless and universal decisions.
In his food design project «FoodBall» he is serving food in balls.
Balls are hiding inside different, especially organic, healthy, and tasty stuffing, its very simple to eat them on the run.





Katja Gruijters (Holland) refers to food as a sculptor to the clay, and she always thinks about the cultural aspect of the process, connections with fashion trends and social norms, and ultimately producing edible masterpieces.


Two times a year, CREAPRO will organize in Kiev projects with the world leading food designers accompanied by degustation, cocktails, parties and conceptual catering, addressed to the audience of specialists in food industry and marketing, to the owners and top managers of hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs, catering and event agencies, and to all, whom eats and works in his kitchen.


CREAPRO propose:

  • Organization of food design projects: presentations, workshops, master classes with world-renowned food designers, accompanied by tastings, parties and conceptual catering.
  • Conceptual catering from the world-renowned food designers where food, space and serve  are developed immediately below the event.

СREAPRO  is looking for cooperate with companies, brands that are interested in a partnership within the confines  of Food Design.